Above Delusion’s Abyss

(Upsplash) Benjamin Sow photo

How in the world did so many get taken, down deep in delusion’s abyss?

Fundamentalist mind’s have sadly mistaken, as truth what were meant to be myths

Brainwashed to believe unbelievable tales, so dissonance stirred up a cloud

That shrouds what is real and where beliefs fail, so they stay in the box they’re allowed

So over the years with no real education, they kept preaching the fear they’ve been taught

So fear of damnation and the loss of their nation, became storms of delusional thought

So Trump comes along with new lies and would dupe them, because they were primed to deceive

Then Qanon comes with lies so damn stupid, that only Trump fools would believe

He just scooped them all up without a sane word, and made them part of his cult

With racist dog whistles his cult members heard, what they’ve wanted since they’ve been adults

To keep the White Christians in their rightful position, as God’s chosen he made them supreme

These “chosen” supported Trump’s selfish ambition, in a deal to fulfill MAGA dreams

So how does this end can we stop their delusion before Democracy’s done?

We finally replaced their “Dear Leader’s” illusion, in the latest election we won

When delusions play out when their God doesn’t save, the fool they elected to steal

Democracy’s home of the free and the brave, and they’ve lost forever, Trump’s deal

And when Qanon fables and lies come undone and they’re concrete beliefs become myths

They can then lighten up and evolve with the ones, above delusion’s abyss.

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