I spent my youth in limerence

From boys at school to far off prince

I thought this “love” was just the norm

Not love attachment, never formed

When I grew up I learned that longing

Wasn’t love, just not belonging

To a heathy grounded mother

That’s why I longed to find another

Even if no “love” existed

In my world my “love” persisted

Until I healed my child within

By going where I’d never been

And cried for our abandonment

Got mad for all our time ill spent

Until I had my child convinced

My love is real not limerence❤️

Self evident Truths


Did our founders deny self evident truths,

When they denied many to have any pursuits?

An autonomous life was denied the enslaved.

They never had liberty the Creator gave.

There was no happy pursuit to be had.

They weren’t treated equal just equally bad.

Not one was allowed their inalienable rights.

Our founders endowed them just 3/5 a life.

Our country’s foundation was built on their backs.

Their denial of self evident truths are the facts!

“Good Guns”?


Teens shot at a party, with four dead, at least.

The Wild West is back and has now moved Southeast.

Modern day outlaws with weapons galore

Have shootouts on birthdays to even the score.

When teens have been raised in gun culture by parents

It’s easy to take what’s assumed they’ll inherit.

Does owning “good guns” keep most families safe,

Or more likely be used to act out teenage rage?

How many young lives are you willing to pay

For “good guns” turned bad that kill everyday?

If birthdays were last days for your daughters and sons,

Would that change your mind about owning “good guns”?




You walked her down the aisle

As press abused her all the while

Said racist things so cruel and vile

You let them wound her inner child

So now you want her to repay

That walk, on coronation day

But why the hell would she betray

Her inner child again that way?

So Meghan showed you loud and clear

As your coronation nears

She’s done promoting yesteryears

She’ll celebrate her future here.

Their “King’s “ Coronation


Meghan you tried, you outshined the rest.

But there was no way that you’d pass their test.

So the father, step mother and sibling in-laws

Tried dimming your light that exposed their deep flaws.

Yet you were their chance to break the old curse;

But then they would choose to repeat, even worse.

They could have made changes, gone a new way,

Welcomed a woman of color to stay.

Be part of their family, and heal from the past.

Make Commonwealth nations feel welcome at last.

But they let their conscious and unconscious bias,

As racism prove to the world through their silence,

That they didn’t care to protect you from harm.

So you had to leave and heed this alarm.

And still you get hate if you will or you won’t,

Are damned by the press if you do or you don’t

Go back for more hate and abuse by a Nation

To watch sycophants drool at their “King’s” coronation!