“Thoughts and Prayers”

Unsplash STNGR IND

“Thoughts and prayers” don’t mean they care, and cannot stop insanity.

Angry teens are given means to lose their soul’s humanity

At eighteen years, can’t buy a beer, but buys himself war weapons,

Enough to kill his prey at will, a massacre in seconds.

Children, as their stalker killed, cried HELP to save their lives.

Their plaintive words remain unheard, their help would not arrive.

As “good guns” wait with help too late the wounded children died.

While parents wept as they were kept from running to their side.

The NRA and those they pay can keep their “Thoughts and Prayers”.

Till laws and rules create safe schools they just pretend they care.

This has to change, no more deranged blind EGOS taking bribes.

Politician’s blind ambitions must be stopped this time!