I’m sick of the hate!

Ian Taylor Unsplash

I’m sick of the hate that “Christians“ now spew! Are they good examples of what Jesus would do?

LGBTQ people deserve equal rights, to be who they are without fear for their lives!

Stop calling them pedophiles lurking in schools. Stop banning the truth about sex with new rules.

To keep children clueless will not make them “straight.” It only makes bullies and victims of hate.

Has history borne out we’re all “straight” in the womb, until some are tricked being brainwashed and groomed?

NO, Science has proved we’re all born on a spectrum; our bodies and brains, many factors affect them.

Through time in the womb to endogenous sources converging events can create different courses.

So stop preaching hate and calling it sin. Change hate to love by healing within.

Then if your children are LGBTQ you’ll nurture their nature to live lives in truth.❤️


FPD images

I was born in the South where most choose to sleep.

Most live in a dreamworld that they want to keep.

A white privileged dream where they make the rules;

Rewriting history once taught in all schools.

Can’t teach about slavery, Jim Crowe segregation,

Dr. King’s marches, that changed our whole nation.

Can’t talk about race because that’s about blame.

White privileged deniers hate owning their shame.

Why can’t they admit that our system is racist?

Our country can’t thrive if we do not face this.

You can’t enslave people, then put up a fight,

Be forced to free them, then not make things right!

We owe those who’ve passed and their bloodline survived,

Their vote, and the means to allow them to thrive.

And that dream that’s a nightmare for truth loving folk,

With our vote and our voices we’ll scream till they’re woke!

Free Will


Who stacked the deck, fixed the cards I was dealt;

Oppressed my free will and emotions I felt?


To survive in my family I couldn’t say no.

I lost all connection to body and soul.

So even when grown with no parents around

I couldn’t say no, was unconsciously bound

To react out a life with no self protections,

From boundary assaults to brutal rejections.

So as cognitive dissonance made a huge gap

My unconscious baggage fell down in my lap.

I saw how and why addiction hooks players.

Addiction is passed from unconscious creators.

Inherent ancestral control and oppression

Fuels rage and shame cycle’s addictive obsession.

For years I’ve done purges to heal shame and rage,

So my body and soul, once again, could engage.

So the fate of the cards I once thought had been sealed

Could transform through my body and soul to free will.

Experience, Strength, and Hope

Jed Nillejo

Experience, strength, and hope, not advice

Is all we should share, to say more is not wise.

No person on Earth knows what’s right for another

Not even close family, your father or mother.

So to offer advice for what others should do

Is not about them it is all about you

Projecting unconscious control from your past

Triggered to consciously heal it at last.

But instead of now healing your toxic control

You act out once again the same meddlesome role.

So unless you’ve experienced a similar fate,

And found strength within that you can relate

Enough to give hope they will find they’re own way;

Deal with your own issues, you don’t get a say.


Xavier Moulton

I spent my whole life hoping
To be nurtured by my mother
I spent my whole life coping
Substituting with another
Acceptance from a friend
Or authorities unknown
Or I would just pretend
I was fine left on my own
So friends that I’d attract
Would do their best to care
But no one could give back
With all our cupboards bare
Unconsciously behind it all
Yet many years ahead
I felt the truth behind my wall
And suddenly felt dead
It took more than a year for me
To know the reason why
Why so much rage and fear in me
Had made my friendships die
No friend on earth can substitute
The nurture of your mother
It cannot grow without a root
Be grafted from another
The time had come to let them go
Illusions fully grieved
How could they give or even know
What they had not received
I had to start anew within
By planting my love’s seed
With nurturing it grew within
Fulfilling my own need
So one day I’ll be ready
From deep roots I’ve grown tall
As fruits of love grow steady
I then can nurture all

“Thoughts and Prayers”

Unsplash STNGR IND

“Thoughts and prayers” don’t mean they care, and cannot stop insanity.

Angry teens are given means to lose their soul’s humanity

At eighteen years, can’t buy a beer, but buys himself war weapons,

Enough to kill his prey at will, a massacre in seconds.

Children, as their stalker killed, cried HELP to save their lives.

Their plaintive words remain unheard, their help would not arrive.

As “good guns” wait with help too late the wounded children died.

While parents wept as they were kept from running to their side.

The NRA and those they pay can keep their “Thoughts and Prayers”.

Till laws and rules create safe schools they just pretend they care.

This has to change, no more deranged blind EGOS taking bribes.

Politician’s blind ambitions must be stopped this time!

America’s Pluto’s return

A metaphor for our time.

Unsplash Nasa

No wonder we chose to deny our ninth planet. The truth was soon coming so we tried to ban it.

But unconscious Karma is still coming around. So our shame and the truth we repressed can be found.

From the very first day our American dreams came true with denial of unconscious screams

Trying to wake us and tell us it’s wrong, to lie, steal, and kill to bulid nations strong.

But that’s what we did to build our new nation. We stole native’s land then enforced reservations.

We kidnapped then trafficked enslaved human beings. We worked them to death without ever feeling

The shame we deserved and worked hard to suppress that soon went unconscious to not cause distress.

So it’s not surprising when Karma reveals, hypocrites rise once again to conceal.

Lessons in books that could heal us, if learned. But the books that cause white people shame must be burned.

So we’re doomed to repeat when we ban what is true. Play out karma’s fate till we pay what is due.

Staying stuck in a cycle as shame takes us down. No hope for transcendence till truth is avowed.

But if truth is allowed to purge shame for our past. Then we will transcend, finally be Free at Last!

The Arc of the Moral Universe

Unsplash Stainless images

Does the Arc of the moral universe bend

towards Justice?

When will this Arc find it’s end?

Don’t trust this

when Justice is always pushed back

so many times our minds have lost track.

Because we’re unconscious unable to see

True Justice can never be served till we’re free

from unconscious judgement denied through projection.

Self judgment from shame caused by unjust rejections.

As children abused, our hearts hardened early

to deaden the pain we received without mercy.

But now our self judgement we learned to project

Can be owned and transformed to self love and respect.

If we heal childhood pain from injustices faced.

Faced not by just us but the whole human race.

Then we’ll feel once again when Injustice is done.

With hearts full of mercy we’ll heal one by one.

Then when critical mass ignites our mass conscience

we’ll feel Justice near and no longer beyond us.

Then Justice For ALL we thought distant, comes early.

For the Arc now bends freely to Justice through mercy.

True love makes us ONE

Unsplash Mayur Gala

Alright Jehovah strike me down dead. I’ve found a new path, I’m moving ahead.

Would a heavenly Father send children to hell for not choosing to blindly obey him, please tell?

I’m just a human, a mother of two, yet know in my heart and my soul it’s not true.

True love of a Father won’t come with a price. Only blind EGO demands sacrifice.

So I’m gonna say it, Jehovah’s a myth, an old Saturn archetype of structure and death.

From the Taurean Age, to Aries the Ram, to Piscean fishes, sent forth by the lamb.

But now a new age begins a transition. Aquarian souls who were born for this mission

Will usher us to the Aquarian age when Piscean purging makes clean the next stage.

Then our minds will be clear for we’ll carry our water. No more sacrifice of our sons or our daughters.

We’ll have two thousand years to finally be done with heaven and hell when true love makes us ONE

“Let’s hold hands”

Unsplash CDC

For almost two years parents and children have feared falling prey to a virus.

Once the parents were safe, their protection instilled, then Covid raged forward despite this.

Because some refused to do what they should, to get the vaccine for the children.

So for months children waited, in vigilance stood, to be free from the threat that might kill them.

So cheers for the children who can now have protection from the ones who refused to agree.

Who anxiously waited to get their injection so their families could finally be free.

The parents who held constant watch understand the storm their family has weathered.

They cry as their bare armed little one, says “Let’s hold hands, we got through this together”.

Narcissist Vectors

Unsplash CDC photo

To get the vaccine or wear a damn mask, to prevent us from dying, is not a huge ask.

Yet selfish abusers, just do as they please, don’t care if they’re spreading a deadly disease.

Their choice might infect an elder or child who have rights but no choice if their body’s defiled

By a virus they spread through “liberty rights” when they choose to be vectors emboldened by spite.

So we have to make rules to protect all the rest who above their own freedom they choose what is best.

To take the vaccine yet must still wear a mask because narcissist vectors won’t help with the task

Of doing what’s right to protect many others; instead invite death that affects many others.

So “My body My choice” no longer applies when their body and breath could become weaponized!

No lives were lost

Unsplash Alexander Dummer

Only a woman can choose to give life. To choose not to give it does not lose a life.

No more than a flight that must be aborted for multiple reasons some flights aren’t supported.

There must be repairs to make the plane steady or pilot and traveler need time to get ready.

When the pilot’s equipped they can go all the way with the traveler ready this time for their stay.

They begin a safe journey with lives now supported for no lives were lost just a bad trip aborted.

Look in the mirror and mind your own business!

Unsplash Claudio Swartz

“Pro-lifers” shout murder, preach, thou shalt not kill, quote rules they made up for when life is instilled.

Yet we know “pro-lifers” will flip in contortion to cheer in a death chamber postbirth abortion.

Who’s journey in life began with a breath that instilled Human Rights till their life yields to death.

They don’t care about lives, or their rights after birth, just forcing precarious journeys to earth.

But care for their rights to choose their religion. Then use their beliefs to take rights from ALL women!

But the ones who’ve evolved to choose what is best know that no one but them is involved in this test.

And will never comply, if abortions are banned; have their bodies held hostage to birth on demand!

Know when journeys toward life are not safe and supported, to postpone isn’t murder, just a journey aborted.

As for those shouting murder it’s pure misdirection of their own dark desires they deny through projection.

So we’ll shout till they wake, stop projecting their vengeance; “LOOK IN THE MIRROR & MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!”

“Knowing their place”

Unsplash hoch3media

Monarchy thrives when they all “know their place”, when “commoners” not only choose but embrace

Positions in life that hold up their “betters”, that pay just enough to pay off golden fetters.

For hundreds of years the “common” were told the monarch protects them and for this they’re owed

Trust and respect, Eternal allegiance. This kept them “knowing their place” without grievance.

Vicarious living through blue blooded tales now keeps them in place when their lives becomes stale.

Cheering at shows of white privilege and pride, to this common bond their fetters are tied.

And in doing, accept they’ve long been conditioned to cheer for a show with no chance of admission

Or share in this wealth of these castles and lands they view from a distance yet pay tax on demand.

So why doesn’t Monarchy fall in disgrace? The “common” uphold them by “knowing their place”.

“Royal” blood does not exist

woman in white dress sitting on chair painting
Unsplash Europeana

No knee should bend nor eyes look down in reverence to raise a crown. For “Royal” blood does not exist, just rivals fighting in the mist. The winner claimed the title “King”. What did this change in bloodline bring?

Incestuous insanity bred Kings and Queens of tyranny. Made wars to conquer foreign lands to meet entitled “royal” demands.

They claimed they represented God, divine by blood in grand facade. These lands they conquered they would claim were their’s to plunder in God’s name.

Still to this day they think it’s right they killed and stole with ruthless might! In recent years set some lands free, yet made not one apology!

Now all kings and queens must fall as karma comes to level all. The blight and pain they left behind, must now be recompensed, they’ll find.

For now the young have come to see, there cannot be equality for the poor or in between the sycophants of “royalty”.

So for our future global health the “royals” must return the wealth their greedy bloodline stole and passed to keep their “royal” idols cast.

Then balance and equality can supersede idolatry. So poor can rise as Queen comes down from pedestal to common ground. Here all can see, for there’s no mist, that royal blood does not exist.


Unsplash photo

Why would “spiritual” people think Trump’s their messiah? That a vile lying con man could bring TRUTH to Gaia?

That Trump would expose the global Cabal, When Putin hand picked him to join with them all.

You’ve quadrupled down and staked reputations, that Trump will not lose and would rule every nation.

You’ve waited four years for when ALL is disclosed, and not ONE SINGLE pedophile ring is exposed.

Not ONE SINGLE child has been rescued or saved. Or ONE SINGLE arrest of the sick and depraved.

What’s going on, could your cult just be wrong? Or are these disclosures about YOU all along?

Disclosing the fact you’ve projected illusions, created by unconscious clouds of delusions.

These clouds became darker with each date that went past, shrouding the truth so your ego could cast

Bizarre deranged worlds where evil abounds. Forced outside of you where your scapegoats are found.

Using Democrat scapegoats, your delusions of evil, have made YOU the traitors of the American people.

But your treasonous acts have caused your exposure; your insurrection has FAILED, now you’ll reap full disclosure!

Q’s conspiracy theory

Unsplash photo Andreas M

The core of Q’s conspiracy theory is children are born underneath New York City. So Democrat “demons”, through child sacrifice, can harvest their blood to keep them alive. They can only be saved by Qanon’s savior. The anti Christ Trump who’s a Judas, a traitor. How was this outlandish delusion conceived? Is an unconscious metaphor why they believe?

Underneath lives in chaos were souls torn apart by unconscious “demons” consuming young hearts. Whose abusive “Caretakers” would use then forsake them. With boundaries left shattered their lifeblood was taken, by ones meant to love and take care of these souls. So fear went beneath in unconscious control.

For this child to survive they made shields of delusions unconsciously channeled creating illusions; made scapegoats to blame for what loved ones had done. Like Stockholm survivors denied the real one. Cast demons as saviors so they could deny the dangerous truth that they may not survive.

Then when they grew up it felt true worlds abound, with “Demons” that sacrifice kids underground. So they cast once again a false “savior” protector, but in truth Trump’s “the Devil they know” who’s projected, on Democrat scapegoats who see through the lies of the Devil they know in a Savior disguise.

So how do we stop this, how do they heal, how do we wake them and prove what is real? We save ourselves first from real blood sacrifice. If their “demons” attack us they must pay a price. Within walls that surround them and keep them contained until their delusions resolve and they’re sane.

You cannot prove truth to those lost in illusion. Their worlds must crash down to begin evolution. They then must reflect, might need many years, to wake from the hell they created in fear.

So rational minds must pick up the pieces of a world torn apart by mental diseases. We must move on ahead bring sanity back by speaking the truth and, defending the facts.

We then must make norms into laws to protect us. Hope that one day they will meet and respect us. But only if all their delusions resolve, can ALL be united, as ONE COUNTRY evolve.

The Trump train to Hell

Irina Irise unsplash photo

Taking the “high road” with Trump is denial

The high road for Trump will take him to trial

Or as many trials needed to pay for his crimes

We’ve waited too long as it is, now it’s time

He’s gotten away with breaking our laws

For five long hard years at no time did he pause

If he still gets away without an accounting

He’ll continue his damage that can’t be surmounted

Might return in four years in a new reign of terror

America would literally die, he won’t spare her

He’d continue to rob her, assault, and abuse her

To line his own pockets, as her pimp, again use her

There is no way in hell she could even begin

To withstand more abuse and live through this again

There would be no more “high roads” to take if we fell

Down again, to once more ride the Trump train to Hell!

Diversity Tokens

Upsplash photo

Why would black and brown people and women support Him?

When Trump, he does nothing, but loathe and abhor them

Why grovel to white men for crumbs off their table?

Why join the sick party that wants them disabled?

Why sell your soul for proximity to power,

Like slave overseers to make your own cower?

Can’t beat them then join them! Be winners and choosers!

But choosing Trump’s cult made them beggars and losers

For they were just used to keep Trump in his tower

As fools they pumped fists to keep him in power

Saying ” Hey look at me, this man’s not a racist”

“I’m part of his party and I’m on his A list”

“I’m a good MAGA woman and I treat my man good”

“Trump rules like my man does, like a MAGA man should”

And until they wake up from this bad MAGA dream

And do inner healing to get self esteem

They will keep being Tokens and keep being used

To mask their Cult leader who loves to abuse

ALL women and people of color who hurt

When a racist misogynist lies and diverts

To mask true agendas and hide MAGA schemes

With Diversity Tokens that keep white men supreme

Above Delusion’s Abyss

(Upsplash) Benjamin Sow photo

How in the world did so many get taken, down deep in delusion’s abyss?

Fundamentalist mind’s have sadly mistaken, as truth what were meant to be myths

Brainwashed to believe unbelievable tales, so dissonance stirred up a cloud

That shrouds what is real and where beliefs fail, so they stay in the box they’re allowed

So over the years with no real education, they kept preaching the fear they’ve been taught

So fear of damnation and the loss of their nation, became storms of delusional thought

So Trump comes along with new lies and would dupe them, because they were primed to deceive

Then Qanon comes with lies so damn stupid, that only Trump fools would believe

He just scooped them all up without a sane word, and made them part of his cult

With racist dog whistles his cult members heard, what they’ve wanted since they’ve been adults

To keep the White Christians in their rightful position, as God’s chosen he made them supreme

These “chosen” supported Trump’s selfish ambition, in a deal to fulfill MAGA dreams

So how does this end can we stop their delusion before Democracy’s done?

We finally replaced their “Dear Leader’s” illusion, in the latest election we won

When delusions play out when their God doesn’t save, the fool they elected to steal

Democracy’s home of the free and the brave, and they’ve lost forever, Trump’s deal

And when Qanon fables and lies come undone and they’re concrete beliefs become myths

They can then lighten up and evolve with the ones, above delusion’s abyss.


Unsplash Jon Tyson

The election of Trump seemed without rhyme or reason. I couldn’t accept everything has a season.

What deep rooted rage had spawned this nightmare so that half of our country would go blind and not care?

Trump’s lost moral compass lost kids at the border, gassing protesters he would call law and order.

He downplayed the pandemic and science as well, and started our spiraling down into hell.

To let people die maybe into the millions; so the rich could make money into the trillions.

Still he couldn’t believe that he lost re-election with an ego so fragile he’d deny his rejection.

Then lie about fraud so he could redo the election he lost and if not have a coup.

Why can’t the blind feel, how destructive he is, in delusion deny, how disruptive he is.

So it’s left to the rest to make sure when He’s finished that never again will a Weak Man diminish

Democracy’s reign at our Country’s expense so a Fool could be king in a MAGA pretense.

So it’s time to reflect on the lessons we’ve learned. Democracy can be lost and we must be concerned.

Trump’s crimes left unchecked have now shown rhyme and reason; norms MUST become Laws to prevent Crime and Treason!


Getty images

Tabloids and haters use Meghan and Harry

As scapegoats of unconscious rage, made to carry

Hundreds of years of racist classism

Seen round the world as Imperialism

They came to join forces to build and cross bridges

But at the same time still fulfill their main missions

Protect their own lives and the life of their son

There is no real life if boundaries aren’t done

To be public and private are not contradictions

They can choose to speak out and still make restrictions

They aren’t paid by the system so there’s no more excuse

For tabloids and haters to dole out such abuse

To those who found freedom they want back in control

So they hide under bridges as they try taking tolls

To keep them from crossing their bridge between races

And their bridge between classes where all have equal places

But Meghan and Harry no longer owe tolls

To cross their own bridges they don’t have to pay Trolls!

“Never Complain, Never Explain”

Unsplash photo

“Never complain, never explain, you must keep to our strict code of silence.”

For a woman of conscience this code was pure nonsense no way could she live in compliance.

How could a girl who spoke truth to the world be a woman whose voice is controlled?

Who’s never allowed to speak truth out loud and her side of the story be told.

The Firm had a chance to soften their stance, be open to changing the system,

But their feigned color blindness was seen through in their silence revealing the truth of racism,

And sexist beliefs that hide underneath the facade of a Consort and Queen.

Who promotes patriarchy behind her monarchy that keeps fear controlled and unseen.

Unconsciously scared they chose not to care to call off the dogs in the press.

They were threatened by freedom that she’d supersede them so in fear they chose to regress.

To again not complaining and never explaining as their chance for real change had to leave.

For her family’s protection and her soul’s resurrection she had to move on to achieve

What Meghan and Harry and Archie will carry this message that some chose to fear;

For sick systems to change we all must complain, to explain this is why they are here!

“Blue Blooded” Tales

Unsplash photo

Charles was forced by the rules to marry a virgin

This “blue blooded” tale had to be the Firm’s version

No matter the harm that it did to all three

Pawns that they used whose real lives could not be

So they cast a facade as a show for the Crown

Charles kept Camilla which kept his wife down

Unconsciously living their ancestor’s fate

King Edward and Alice and his Queen would create

This old toxic tale to recast through the system

Remaking a fate no one real could exist in

Till finally the blue blooded tale came undone

Unraveling lies of the tale the Firm spun

Living the tale had come to cost all

They all lost some time but Diana lost all

So what moral is gained from this tragic old tale

Repeating bad fates should make bad systems fail

Like this system of Royals clinging hard to the past

So it’s time for the Red Blooded Spares they’ve outcast

To build a new system a real life paradigm

So “blue blooded” tales stop recasting in time

The Execution


As I write these words he is eating his last meal

Every plea for mercy has been made at his appeal

From the federal courts to the court we call Supreme

Vengeance won the battles with it’s punishment extreme

Why is death an issue in this enlightened age

Why are there laws written just to mitigate our rage

How can we just kill them with malice in our hearts

With forethought make a plan for the hour they must depart

To me this sound familiar like premeditated murder

But when we kill our victim we carry it much further

We invite an audience to watch our victim’s death

Stand silent as our victim dies and gasps for their last breath

And then feel satisfaction now we can finally live

But we will not live fully until we can forgive

For the eye and tooth we take will never make it better

Until we give forgiveness our hearts remain in fetters

Our anger might be soothed a while but there’s a price to pay

For we’re much worse for what we’ve done, our vengeance killed today.

Harry and Meghan’s Real Life

Dreamstime photo

He was born as the “spare” this fate was instilled

By all but his mother but then she was killed

Like a fox she was hunted hounded to death

Then all Harry had was what his Mum left

She left a desire to regain what she lost

A life that is real no matter the cost

But Harry was made to stiffen his lip

His unconscious grief fueled many bad trips

Until he woke up and dealt with his sorrows

Turned unconscious fate into conscious tomorrows

So he could attract his soulmate for life

Then he found Meghan his true and real wife

With lips never stiffened in truth she could speak

Born facing truth it was justice she’d seek

She had been righting wrongs since she was a child

So now as a woman she would not be defiled

When the same hunters stalked her, worse than before

She chose to speak truth from her strong inner core

She said “I’m not willing to merely survive “

“My family and I must be able to thrive”

Then they both agreed to do all that it takes

To protect and preserve their souls for their sakes

If they must step back or step down to protect them

They’d keep these boundaries till all would respect them

They won’t let lies stand or denials from the racists

Who whitewash racism with lies that are baseless

“She’s a gold digging actress not fit to be royal”

When it’s her strength and her color that makes their blood boil

Only fools would be puppets in this royal sideshow

Dancing on strings as their noses would grow

When Diana spoke truth she was smeared by the press

They slammed her for voicing her hurt and distress

So she took the lead and left the side show

She cut the strings and let herself go

She blazed the trail for her son and his wife

To regain what she lost and live a REAL LIFE

America’s Cancer

Cooper Baumgartner

Systemic Racism and it’s denial in America has created a malignant cancer that has unconsciously spread to all parts of our country. Through yet another tragedy we’ve been forced to become conscious. Awake again, we can feel the pain of our cancer triggered by the cries of a black man begging his murderer for breath that he would never get. Yet because of his pain and sacrifice we have an opportunity as a country to acknowledge and deal with the reality of our grim diagnosis. I fear though, this may be our final wake up call because we have ignored and denied our symptoms so many times for so many years.

Unfortunately our cancer has progressed too far to surgically remove it all. The only thing that has a chance to work at this late stage is chemotherapy. We must treat our cancer from the inside out. The cure is painful because our therapeutic purges must effect our whole body. All cells must be purged even ones where cancer is thought to not have yet spread.

This chemically induced purge began with the justified outrage of African Americans tired of seeing black people repeatedly murdered without conscience by sociopathic militarized police. Deep festering emotional wounds were exposed again and opened to purge the hurt and anger from inside our collective unconscious. This flowing of previously blocked emotion clears the cancer from our body system. This flow also triggered a needed healing crisis and purging of the unconscious shame of white Americans who have generationally denied the truth of African American experiences of personal and systemic racism.

We all should be grateful for the forceful expulsion of this long repressed outrage which set our healing process in motion. All of this is necessary even if our emotional and sometimes physical purges create collateral damage. Upheaval created by our purges must intentionally tear down imbalanced and unstable structures in parts of our system especially our “justice system” that promotes the metastatic growth of our Cancer. Because until both the collective outrage of the oppressed and the collective shame of the oppressors are acknowledged and purged we will not have a complete healing of our dis-ease.

Undifferentiated Cancer cells are immature cells that lost their memory and forgot how to become whole. Our Cancer has its origins in the hypocrisy of our white supremacist ancestor’s who became adept at forgetting what they said they believed. This is why the same men who wrote the words “all men are created equal” could also proclaim that sovereign African people counted only as 3/5s of a person. With this denial and forgetting of humanity cemented in place they could, without conscience, kidnap, enslave, and own human beings as property.

Over the centuries we have become more and more numb from constantly pounding down our shame into our collective unconscious so we could live with the hypocrisy of what we have done as a nation. And of course we’ve had to numb ourselves to the bone to deny the validity of black people’s justified outrage at what we have perpetrated against them. We have been filling our collective unconscious with our repressed shame and their suppressed outrage for hundreds of years.

Against their free will African Americans became a part of our ancestral roots when they were forced to build the foundations of this country. All of the roots of our country grown in that foundation are drenched in the blood, sweat, and tears stolen from our African ancestors. Yet, our African American roots have still grown strong among us despite being abused and starved without the nourishment of acknowledgment or recompense for their contribution to our country’s very existence.

But these days have come to and end. We cannot heal our cancer until our cells, with fully restored memory, can differentiate and become whole. So we must remember and reclaim the truth, we as oppressors, have selectively denied, that ALL humans are indeed created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. We must also acknowledge and affirm the lucid and intact memories of African Americans who hold the only truly legitimate memories of our history as a whole. They are the only Americans who have not wavered in their authenticity even though we have gaslighted them for centuries with denial of our true history!

So to fully purge our shame we must make amends, which are not just about saying we’re sorry and expecting absolution. Our shame will not be fully purged or absolved until we have asked African Americans what we need to do to change our system and have followed their lead. They must be included in all phases of the true reconstruction of America. To have peace and move forward, as a healed and whole nation, all changes we make must feel acceptable to the ones we have transgressed. They are the only ones who can absolve us of our transgressions.

The more we accept and embrace the painful and sometimes destructive process of our collective healing, the sooner we will have a chance to rebuild our broken nation and become whole. Hopefully for the FIRST time in American history, we as a collective will choose healing and become whole as a nation. Only then will Colin Kaepernick or any American in this country be able to stand up, with our hands over our hearts, and legitimately and honestly say, ONE nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all!

Heal From Abuse

William Farlow Upsplash

How do you heal from hurt and abuse?

You process your feelings through grief

Bringing unconscious layers to conscious renews

Your heart and your soul and belief

That you have the power to heal what they did

When they took your power away

If you express buried feelings then you can get rid

Of your sadness, your shame, and your rage.

When you open you throat and let your rage out

Then your tears can flow out of your eyes

Then you’ll begin to feel without doubt

Your power and strength can arise

Then when you’re faced by one‘s who attack

Your throat is now open to speak

You can put up a boundary, get away or fight back

You’ve found the protector you seek

When you’ve found acceptance through processing grief

You’ll speak truth and truth now you’ll see

You have braved your unconscious and found conscious relief

You’ve healed from abuse, and you’re free

Awaken From Unconscious Hell

We’re told to be grateful for all that we have even through all of life’s trials, but when life is painful, traumatically bad, to be grateful is truly denial.

If you put on a smile only look on the bright side you’re not dealing with life that is real; you add to the unconscious where dark feelings hide repressing how you truly feel.

This is the way the world got so crazy why we live in a world of delusion; why truth is not clear and at best it seems hazy, when we treat how we feel as intrusion.

If my life seems good and going quite well, my unconscious creating less chaos; we still have a world living in hell, projecting unconscious to wake us.

We must all work together create what is real, acknowledge the good and the bad; make the unconscious conscious express how we feel then balance will someday be had.

When we see our untruths like false gratitude create our unconscious spell; we can then break the spell by expressing what’s true and awaken from unconscious Hell.

Black lives matter!

Black lives matter, they shout because they well know that racists don’t value their lives. “All lives matter” shout racists unconsciously showing racism’s not over it thrives.

They shout “all lives matter” to deny and negate that racism even exists. They don’t see they’re exposing their white racist hate that explodes when black people resist.

This comes from their ancestral white privileged core to conquer and use what they will. When you believe you’re supreme then you can ignore the fates of the lives that you’ve sealed.

ONLY WHITE LIVES HAVE MATTERED right from the start when they came and took over this land. They stole what they wanted and tore lives apart, the natives who lived here be damned.

Then they kidnapped black people away from their lands to enslave till they took their last breath. They beat them and forced them to meet their demands, without recompense worked them to death.

Then when they were “freed” from slavery’s bonds, still then, they could not overcome. Through the law’s of Jim Crow racist rage then responds to keep black people under their thumb.

When Dr. King came they marched and they prayed to get back what white people stole. Still racists deny the role racism plays in costing this country our soul.

Our country still loses some soul everyday from denying racism exists. When we refuse to acknowledge we have debts to repay they must tell us once more with raised fists

“We will shout BLACK LIVES MATTER till we matter to ALL!” If ALL listen and heed this appeal, then ALL lives will matter, and together do ALL, to repair our Soul’s damage and heal!