America’s Pluto’s return

A metaphor for our time.

Unsplash Nasa

No wonder we chose to deny our ninth planet. The truth was soon coming so we tried to ban it.

But unconscious Karma is still coming around. So our shame and the truth we repressed can be found.

From the very first day our American dreams came true with denial of unconscious screams

Trying to wake us and tell us it’s wrong, to lie, steal, and kill to bulid nations strong.

But that’s what we did to build our new nation. We stole native’s land then enforced reservations.

We kidnapped then trafficked enslaved human beings. We worked them to death without ever feeling

The shame we deserved and worked hard to suppress that soon went unconscious to not cause distress.

So it’s not surprising when Karma reveals, hypocrites rise once again to conceal.

Lessons in books that could heal us, if learned. But the books that cause white people shame must be burned.

So we’re doomed to repeat when we ban what is true. Play out karma’s fate till we pay what is due.

Staying stuck in a cycle as shame takes us down. No hope for transcendence till truth is avowed.

But if truth is allowed to purge shame for our past. Then we will transcend, finally be Free at Last!