Heal From Abuse

William Farlow Upsplash

How do you heal from hurt and abuse?

You process your feelings through grief

Bringing unconscious layers to conscious renews

Your heart and your soul and belief

That you have the power to heal what they did

When they took your power away

If you express buried feelings then you can get rid

Of your sadness, your shame, and your rage.

When you open you throat and let your rage out

Then your tears can flow out of your eyes

Then you’ll begin to feel without doubt

Your power and strength can arise

Then when you’re faced by one‘s who attack

Your throat is now open to speak

You can put up a boundary, get away or fight back

You’ve found the protector you seek

When you’ve found acceptance through processing grief

You’ll speak truth and truth now you’ll see

You have braved your unconscious and found conscious relief

You’ve healed from abuse, and you’re free

Awaken From Unconscious Hell

We’re told to be grateful for all that we have even through all of life’s trials, but when life is painful, traumatically bad, to be grateful is truly denial.

If you put on a smile only look on the bright side you’re not dealing with life that is real; you add to the unconscious where dark feelings hide repressing how you truly feel.

This is the way the world got so crazy why we live in a world of delusion; why truth is not clear and at best it seems hazy, when we treat how we feel as intrusion.

If my life seems good and going quite well, my unconscious creating less chaos; we still have a world living in hell, projecting unconscious to wake us.

We must all work together create what is real, acknowledge the good and the bad; make the unconscious conscious express how we feel then balance will someday be had.

When we see our untruths like false gratitude create our unconscious spell; we can then break the spell by expressing what’s true and awaken from unconscious Hell.

Black lives matter!

Black lives matter, they shout because they well know that racists don’t value their lives. “All lives matter” shout racists unconsciously showing racism’s not over it thrives.

They shout “all lives matter” to deny and negate that racism even exists. They don’t see they’re exposing their white racist hate that explodes when black people resist.

This comes from their ancestral white privileged core to conquer and use what they will. When you believe you’re supreme then you can ignore the fates of the lives that you’ve sealed.

ONLY WHITE LIVES HAVE MATTERED right from the start when they came and took over this land. They stole what they wanted and tore lives apart, the natives who lived here be damned.

Then they kidnapped black people away from their lands to enslave till they took their last breath. They beat them and forced them to meet their demands, without recompense worked them to death.

Then when they were “freed” from slavery’s bonds, still then, they could not overcome. Through the law’s of Jim Crow racist rage then responds to keep black people under their thumb.

When Dr. King came they marched and they prayed to get back what white people stole. Still racists deny the role racism plays in costing this country our soul.

Our country still loses some soul everyday from denying racism exists. When we refuse to acknowledge we have debts to repay they must tell us once more with raised fists

“We will shout BLACK LIVES MATTER till we matter to ALL!” If ALL listen and heed this appeal, then ALL lives will matter, and together do ALL, to repair our Soul’s damage and heal!

For thinner or fatter

For better or worse

for richer or poorer

In sickness and health

till death do we part.

The love he expressed

In his vows would assure her

Until she gained weight

and his words broke her heart.

He told her he’d lost his want and desire

Her body no longer looked good.

To him staying thin is what is required

His wife to do all that she should.

He threatens to leave because of her weight

He rejects her body and soul.

Now that she’s filled with hurt and self hate

Should being thin now be her goal?

Is it true love when the

marriage is through

When her body

is no longer thin?

Is thinness a duty

that she should now do

Or is this a game

she can’t win?

“For thinner or fatter”,

the vows should ask that

and see if he’ll

marry her then

For if he won’t love her

if she gets fat

Did he love her

when she was thin?


Does history repeat itself?

When will we ever learn?

Dust off the book left on the shelf

And read it till we yearn

Again for truth our heart can feel

Within this book is found

Yet once again we’ve lost what’s real

Deceit and lies abound

Again a tyrant planted lies

So fear and hate would spread

And only he could then devise

A plan to cure the dread

The truth was lost so he could gain

More power, fame, and glory

The world was left to feel the pain

Intended to destroy

The bonds of our humanity

And all our ties that bind

The love that gives us sanity

That makes us good and kind

Yet we cannot give up or in

To tyranny and fear

We must wake up from where we’ve been

Till deeper truth is clear

When history does repeat itself

It’s history we deny

When books are left upon the shelf

That told us of the lie

But if we heed the lessons learned

From cycles in our past

With a conscious future earned

We’ll then be “free at last”!