Black lives matter!

Black lives matter, they shout because they well know that racists don’t value their lives. “All lives matter” shout racists unconsciously showing racism’s not over it thrives.

They shout “all lives matter” to deny and negate that racism even exists. They don’t see they’re exposing their white racist hate that explodes when black people resist.

This comes from their ancestral white privileged core to conquer and use what they will. When you believe you’re supreme then you can ignore the fates of the lives that you’ve sealed.

ONLY WHITE LIVES HAVE MATTERED right from the start when they came and took over this land. They stole what they wanted and tore lives apart, the natives who lived here be damned.

Then they kidnapped black people away from their lands to enslave till they took their last breath. They beat them and forced them to meet their demands, without recompense worked them to death.

Then when they were “freed” from slavery’s bonds, still then, they could not overcome. Through the law’s of Jim Crow racist rage then responds to keep black people under their thumb.

When Dr. King came they marched and they prayed to get back what white people stole. Still racists deny the role racism plays in costing this country our soul.

Our country still loses some soul everyday from denying racism exists. When we refuse to acknowledge we have debts to repay they must tell us once more with raised fists

“We will shout BLACK LIVES MATTER till we matter to ALL!” If ALL listen and heed this appeal, then ALL lives will matter, and together do ALL, to repair our Soul’s damage and heal!

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