For thinner or fatter

For better or worse

for richer or poorer

In sickness and health

till death do we part.

The love he expressed

In his vows would assure her

Until she gained weight

and his words broke her heart.

He told her he’d lost his want and desire

Her body no longer looked good.

To him staying thin is what is required

His wife to do all that she should.

He threatens to leave because of her weight

He rejects her body and soul.

Now that she’s filled with hurt and self hate

Should being thin now be her goal?

Is it true love when the

marriage is through

When her body

is no longer thin?

Is thinness a duty

that she should now do

Or is this a game

she can’t win?

“For thinner or fatter”,

the vows should ask that

and see if he’ll

marry her then

For if he won’t love her

if she gets fat

Did he love her

when she was thin?

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