Does history repeat itself?

When will we ever learn?

Dust off the book left on the shelf

And read it till we yearn

Again for truth our heart can feel

Within this book is found

Yet once again we’ve lost what’s real

Deceit and lies abound

Again a tyrant planted lies

So fear and hate would spread

And only he could then devise

A plan to cure the dread

The truth was lost so he could gain

More power, fame, and glory

The world was left to feel the pain

Intended to destroy

The bonds of our humanity

And all our ties that bind

The love that gives us sanity

That makes us good and kind

Yet we cannot give up or in

To tyranny and fear

We must wake up from where we’ve been

Till deeper truth is clear

When history does repeat itself

It’s history we deny

When books are left upon the shelf

That told us of the lie

But if we heed the lessons learned

From cycles in our past

With a conscious future earned

We’ll then be “free at last”!

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