Their “King’s “ Coronation


Meghan you tried, you outshined the rest.

But there was no way that you’d pass their test.

So the father, step mother and sibling in-laws

Tried dimming your light that exposed their deep flaws.

Yet you were their chance to break the old curse;

But then they would choose to repeat, even worse.

They could have made changes, gone a new way,

Welcomed a woman of color to stay.

Be part of their family, and heal from the past.

Make Commonwealth nations feel welcome at last.

But they let their conscious and unconscious bias,

As racism prove to the world through their silence,

That they didn’t care to protect you from harm.

So you had to leave and heed this alarm.

And still you get hate if you will or you won’t,

Are damned by the press if you do or you don’t

Go back for more hate and abuse by a Nation

To watch sycophants drool at their “King’s” coronation!

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