Unsplash Jon Tyson

The election of Trump seemed without rhyme or reason. I couldn’t accept everything has a season.

What deep rooted rage had spawned this nightmare so that half of our country would go blind and not care?

Trump’s lost moral compass lost kids at the border, gassing protesters he would call law and order.

He downplayed the pandemic and science as well, and started our spiraling down into hell.

To let people die maybe into the millions; so the rich could make money into the trillions.

Still he couldn’t believe that he lost re-election with an ego so fragile he’d deny his rejection.

Then lie about fraud so he could redo the election he lost and if not have a coup.

Why can’t the blind feel, how destructive he is, in delusion deny, how disruptive he is.

So it’s left to the rest to make sure when He’s finished that never again will a Weak Man diminish

Democracy’s reign at our Country’s expense so a Fool could be king in a MAGA pretense.

So it’s time to reflect on the lessons we’ve learned. Democracy can be lost and we must be concerned.

Trump’s crimes left unchecked have now shown rhyme and reason; norms MUST become Laws to prevent Crime and Treason!

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