Diversity Tokens

Upsplash photo

Why would black and brown people and women support Him?

When Trump, he does nothing, but loathe and abhor them

Why grovel to white men for crumbs off their table?

Why join the sick party that wants them disabled?

Why sell your soul for proximity to power,

Like slave overseers to make your own cower?

Can’t beat them then join them! Be winners and choosers!

But choosing Trump’s cult made them beggars and losers

For they were just used to keep Trump in his tower

As fools they pumped fists to keep him in power

Saying ” Hey look at me, this man’s not a racist”

“I’m part of his party and I’m on his A list”

“I’m a good MAGA woman and I treat my man good”

“Trump rules like my man does, like a MAGA man should”

And until they wake up from this bad MAGA dream

And do inner healing to get self esteem

They will keep being Tokens and keep being used

To mask their Cult leader who loves to abuse

ALL women and people of color who hurt

When a racist misogynist lies and diverts

To mask true agendas and hide MAGA schemes

With Diversity Tokens that keep white men supreme

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