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Why would “spiritual” people think Trump’s their messiah? That a vile lying con man could bring TRUTH to Gaia?

That Trump would expose the global Cabal, When Putin hand picked him to join with them all.

You’ve quadrupled down and staked reputations, that Trump will not lose and would rule every nation.

You’ve waited four years for when ALL is disclosed, and not ONE SINGLE pedophile ring is exposed.

Not ONE SINGLE child has been rescued or saved. Or ONE SINGLE arrest of the sick and depraved.

What’s going on, could your cult just be wrong? Or are these disclosures about YOU all along?

Disclosing the fact you’ve projected illusions, created by unconscious clouds of delusions.

These clouds became darker with each date that went past, shrouding the truth so your ego could cast

Bizarre deranged worlds where evil abounds. Forced outside of you where your scapegoats are found.

Using Democrat scapegoats, your delusions of evil, have made YOU the traitors of the American people.

But your treasonous acts have caused your exposure; your insurrection has FAILED, now you’ll reap full disclosure!

Q’s conspiracy theory

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The core of Q’s conspiracy theory is children are born underneath New York City. So Democrat “demons”, through child sacrifice, can harvest their blood to keep them alive. They can only be saved by Qanon’s savior. The anti Christ Trump who’s a Judas, a traitor. How was this outlandish delusion conceived? Is an unconscious metaphor why they believe?

Underneath lives in chaos were souls torn apart by unconscious “demons” consuming young hearts. Whose abusive “Caretakers” would use then forsake them. With boundaries left shattered their lifeblood was taken, by ones meant to love and take care of these souls. So fear went beneath in unconscious control.

For this child to survive they made shields of delusions unconsciously channeled creating illusions; made scapegoats to blame for what loved ones had done. Like Stockholm survivors denied the real one. Cast demons as saviors so they could deny the dangerous truth that they may not survive.

Then when they grew up it felt true worlds abound, with “Demons” that sacrifice kids underground. So they cast once again a false “savior” protector, but in truth Trump’s “the Devil they know” who’s projected, on Democrat scapegoats who see through the lies of the Devil they know in a Savior disguise.

So how do we stop this, how do they heal, how do we wake them and prove what is real? We save ourselves first from real blood sacrifice. If their “demons” attack us they must pay a price. Within walls that surround them and keep them contained until their delusions resolve and they’re sane.

You cannot prove truth to those lost in illusion. Their worlds must crash down to begin evolution. They then must reflect, might need many years, to wake from the hell they created in fear.

So rational minds must pick up the pieces of a world torn apart by mental diseases. We must move on ahead bring sanity back by speaking the truth and, defending the facts.

We then must make norms into laws to protect us. Hope that one day they will meet and respect us. But only if all their delusions resolve, can ALL be united, as ONE COUNTRY evolve.

The Trump train to Hell

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Taking the “high road” with Trump is denial

The high road for Trump will take him to trial

Or as many trials needed to pay for his crimes

We’ve waited too long as it is, now it’s time

He’s gotten away with breaking our laws

For five long hard years at no time did he pause

If he still gets away without an accounting

He’ll continue his damage that can’t be surmounted

Might return in four years in a new reign of terror

America would literally die, he won’t spare her

He’d continue to rob her, assault, and abuse her

To line his own pockets, as her pimp, again use her

There is no way in hell she could even begin

To withstand more abuse and live through this again

There would be no more “high roads” to take if we fell

Down again, to once more ride the Trump train to Hell!