“Never Complain, Never Explain”

Unsplash photo

“Never complain, never explain, you must keep to our strict code of silence.”

For a woman of conscience this code was pure nonsense no way could she live in compliance.

How could a girl who spoke truth to the world be a woman whose voice is controlled?

Who’s never allowed to speak truth out loud and her side of the story be told.

The Firm had a chance to soften their stance, be open to changing the system,

But their feigned color blindness was seen through in their silence revealing the truth of racism,

And sexist beliefs that hide underneath the facade of a Consort and Queen.

Who promotes patriarchy behind her monarchy that keeps fear controlled and unseen.

Unconsciously scared they chose not to care to call off the dogs in the press.

They were threatened by freedom that she’d supersede them so in fear they chose to regress.

To again not complaining and never explaining as their chance for real change had to leave.

For her family’s protection and her soul’s resurrection she had to move on to achieve

What Meghan and Harry and Archie will carry this message that some chose to fear;

For sick systems to change we all must complain, to explain this is why they are here!

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