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Tabloids and haters use Meghan and Harry

As scapegoats of unconscious rage, made to carry

Hundreds of years of racist classism

Seen round the world as Imperialism

They came to join forces to build and cross bridges

But at the same time still fulfill their main missions

Protect their own lives and the life of their son

There is no real life if boundaries aren’t done

To be public and private are not contradictions

They can choose to speak out and still make restrictions

They aren’t paid by the system so there’s no more excuse

For tabloids and haters to dole out such abuse

To those who found freedom they want back in control

So they hide under bridges as they try taking tolls

To keep them from crossing their bridge between races

And their bridge between classes where all have equal places

But Meghan and Harry no longer owe tolls

To cross their own bridges they don’t have to pay Trolls!

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