“Royal” blood does not exist

woman in white dress sitting on chair painting
Unsplash Europeana

No knee should bend nor eyes look down in reverence to raise a crown. For “Royal” blood does not exist, just rivals fighting in the mist. The winner claimed the title “King”. What did this change in bloodline bring?

Incestuous insanity bred Kings and Queens of tyranny. Made wars to conquer foreign lands to meet entitled “royal” demands.

They claimed they represented God, divine by blood in grand facade. These lands they conquered they would claim were their’s to plunder in God’s name.

Still to this day they think it’s right they killed and stole with ruthless might! In recent years set some lands free, yet made not one apology!

Now all kings and queens must fall as karma comes to level all. The blight and pain they left behind, must now be recompensed, they’ll find.

For now the young have come to see, there cannot be equality for the poor or in between the sycophants of “royalty”.

So for our future global health the “royals” must return the wealth their greedy bloodline stole and passed to keep their “royal” idols cast.

Then balance and equality can supersede idolatry. So poor can rise as Queen comes down from pedestal to common ground. Here all can see, for there’s no mist, that royal blood does not exist.

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