“Blue Blooded” Tales

Unsplash photo

Charles was forced by the rules to marry a virgin

This “blue blooded” tale had to be the Firm’s version

No matter the harm that it did to all three

Pawns that they used whose real lives could not be

So they cast a facade as a show for the Crown

Charles kept Camilla which kept his wife down

Unconsciously living their ancestor’s fate

King Edward and Alice and his Queen would create

This old toxic tale to recast through the system

Remaking a fate no one real could exist in

Till finally the blue blooded tale came undone

Unraveling lies of the tale the Firm spun

Living the tale had come to cost all

They all lost some time but Diana lost all

So what moral is gained from this tragic old tale

Repeating bad fates should make bad systems fail

Like this system of Royals clinging hard to the past

So it’s time for the Red Blooded Spares they’ve outcast

To build a new system a real life paradigm

So “blue blooded” tales stop recasting in time

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