The Execution


As I write these words he is eating his last meal

Every plea for mercy has been made at his appeal

From the federal courts to the court we call Supreme

Vengeance won the battles with it’s punishment extreme

Why is death an issue in this enlightened age

Why are there laws written just to mitigate our rage

How can we just kill them with malice in our hearts

With forethought make a plan for the hour they must depart

To me this sound familiar like premeditated murder

But when we kill our victim we carry it much further

We invite an audience to watch our victim’s death

Stand silent as our victim dies and gasps for their last breath

And then feel satisfaction now we can finally live

But we will not live fully until we can forgive

For the eye and tooth we take will never make it better

Until we give forgiveness our hearts remain in fetters

Our anger might be soothed a while but there’s a price to pay

For we’re much worse for what we’ve done, our vengeance killed today.

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