Harry and Meghan’s Real Life

Dreamstime photo

He was born as the “spare” this fate was instilled

By all but his mother but then she was killed

Like a fox she was hunted hounded to death

Then all Harry had was what his Mum left

She left a desire to regain what she lost

A life that is real no matter the cost

But Harry was made to stiffen his lip

His unconscious grief fueled many bad trips

Until he woke up and dealt with his sorrows

Turned unconscious fate into conscious tomorrows

So he could attract his soulmate for life

Then he found Meghan his true and real wife

With lips never stiffened in truth she could speak

Born facing truth it was justice she’d seek

She had been righting wrongs since she was a child

So now as a woman she would not be defiled

When the same hunters stalked her, worse than before

She chose to speak truth from her strong inner core

She said “I’m not willing to merely survive “

“My family and I must be able to thrive”

Then they both agreed to do all that it takes

To protect and preserve their souls for their sakes

If they must step back or step down to protect them

They’d keep these boundaries till all would respect them

They won’t let lies stand or denials from the racists

Who whitewash racism with lies that are baseless

“She’s a gold digging actress not fit to be royal”

When it’s her strength and her color that makes their blood boil

Only fools would be puppets in this royal sideshow

Dancing on strings as their noses would grow

When Diana spoke truth she was smeared by the press

They slammed her for voicing her hurt and distress

So she took the lead and left the side show

She cut the strings and let herself go

She blazed the trail for her son and his wife

To regain what she lost and live a REAL LIFE

5 thoughts on “Harry and Meghan’s Real Life

  1. Thank you! The poem “Harry & Meghan’s Real Life” is beautifully written. It is impactful, positive & heartfelt! In my opinion it’s unfortunate how The Royal Family & racist British press are colluding in a well orchestrated smear campaign against The Sussexes, particularly Meghan. Their main objective is the breakup of The Sussexes’ marriage! They wanted Meghan to leave. However, they didn’t expect Harry to leave too. Now they’re upset that Harry took his family away from the abuse! He doesn’t want his wife & child to suffer like his mom!!!

    • Yes I agree with you if the Royal Family wasn’t involved with the press and the smear campaign they would do something to stop it or at least cool it down. They don’t even take bullying comments about them down on their social media accounts. It is a shame how Meghan has been treated.

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