Unbridled Passion


Unbridled passion is sexual shame

Fueled by taboo like gas on a flame

Partners that cheat or teenage mistakes

Are results of sexual shame when it breaks

Boundaries within us that make us feel strong

Without intact boundaries there’s no right or wrong


As shame gets denied for a while it first numbs us

But sooner or later taboo overcomes us

We lose all control in excitement of “passion”

But in truth it’s taboo forcing shame into action

Through torrents of sexual feelings and shame

Creating disasters with “passion” to blame 


If we want to heal we must consciously choose

To recycle our shame into love we can use

If we feel and express toxic shame till it’s through

Start loving ourselves and forgive ourselves too

We can have a new start with old programs deleted

With space new connections can now be completed


All channels can open to give and receive

We can choose to say yes or say no and leave

Our boundaries won’t break in one moments attraction

Because they are strong with self love and Compassion!

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