Live lives in truth

Ian Taylor Unsplash

My heart aches for their pain they’ve all been put through, for just standing up and living in truth.

As MAGA tormentors are crushing their rights, LGBTQ people have to fear for their lives.

So stop calling them pedophiles lurking in schools. Stop banning the teaching of health with new rules.

To keep our kids clueless does not make them “straight” it only makes bullies and victims of hate.

Has history borne out we’re all “straight” in the womb, until some are tricked being brainwashed and groomed?

NO, Science has proved we’re all born on a spectrum; our bodies and brains, many factors affect them.

Through time in the womb to endogenous sources converging events can create different courses.

So stop preaching hate and calling it sin. Change hate to love by healing within.

Then if your children are LGBTQ you’ll nurture their nature to live lives in truth.❤️

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