Free Will


Who stacked the deck, fixed the cards I was dealt;

Oppressed my free will and emotions I felt?


To survive in my family I couldn’t say no.

I lost all connection to body and soul.

So even when grown with no parents around

I couldn’t say no, was unconsciously bound

To react out a life with no self protections,

From boundary assaults to brutal rejections.

So as cognitive dissonance made a huge gap

My unconscious baggage fell down in my lap.

I saw how and why addiction hooks players.

Addiction is passed from unconscious creators.

Inherent ancestral control and oppression

Fuels rage and shame cycle’s addictive obsession.

For years I’ve done purges to heal shame and rage,

So my body and soul, once again, could engage.

So the fate of the cards I once thought had been sealed

Could transform through my body and soul to free will.

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