The Arc of the Moral Universe

Unsplash Stainless images

Does the Arc of the moral universe bend

towards Justice?

When will this Arc find it’s end?

Don’t trust this

when Justice is always pushed back

so many times our minds have lost track.

Because we’re unconscious unable to see

True Justice can never be served till we’re free

from unconscious judgement denied through projection.

Self judgment from shame caused by unjust rejections.

As children abused, our hearts hardened early

to deaden the pain we received without mercy.

But now our self judgement we learned to project

Can be owned and transformed to self love and respect.

If we heal childhood pain from injustices faced.

Faced not by just us but the whole human race.

Then we’ll feel once again when Injustice is done.

With hearts full of mercy we’ll heal one by one.

Then when critical mass ignites our mass conscience

we’ll feel Justice near and no longer beyond us.

Then Justice For ALL we thought distant, comes early.

For the Arc now bends freely to Justice through mercy.

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