When does a life truly begin

Conception, the heartbeat or breath?

If we lose life’s potential once held within

Is miscarriage a certified death?


Should women with certified lives get to choose

What life she is able to bear

Only SHE knows her life, what she’ll gain or will lose

She’s not likely to choose without care


Conceptions are lost all the time without knowing

A heartbeat or breath will not be

Two hearts cannot beat if breaths are not flowing

The breaths a woman must breathe


Till the, “life is sustainable”, milestone is passed

The only life here is a mother’s

With her heartbeat and breath she can choose till the last

To share possible life in another


With no life guaranteed if chosen or not

Because ALL lives start out as potential

We must care and put first the life that we’ve got

A woman’s life and her choice are essential!

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