From birth I was quiet, reluctant, and shy. It was normal for me to lay low and comply.

So I grew up reserved with most feelings within. Soon with my reservoirs full I’d begin

My life as an empath feeling pains of another. I was so full just to be around others

Triggered reactions as my pain recognized every wound in the room that I empathized.

This cast me in roles of benevolent nurse. This role was a blessing but also a curse.

As a nurse I’d attract someone needing care. I felt I had purpose and felt good being there.

If I fixed their world then mine was fixed too. I continued this cycle until a bomb blew,

And crushed my denial my patient was dying. I was killing myself and still kept on trying

To heal my sick patient by fixing their life. So they never learned to self heal from their strife.

But as codependence was healed we would learn. To purge our OWN pain that caused us to yearn

For a nurse to fix them to meet unmet need or to fix patient’s pain so my heart does not bleed.

When Nurses reveal their own pain and self heal then patients wake up from sedation and feel.

So they can self heal then as equals be there to consciously choose to consciously care.



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