Heal From Abuse

William Farlow Upsplash

How do you heal from hurt and abuse?

You process your feelings through grief

Bringing unconscious layers to conscious renews

Your heart and your soul and belief

That you have the power to heal what they did

When they took your power away

If you express buried feelings then you can get rid

Of your sadness, your shame, and your rage.

When you open you throat and let your rage out

Then your tears can flow out of your eyes

Then you’ll begin to feel without doubt

Your power and strength can arise

Then when you’re faced by one‘s who attack

Your throat is now open to speak

You can put up a boundary, get away or fight back

You’ve found the protector you seek

When you’ve found acceptance through processing grief

You’ll speak truth and truth now you’ll see

You have braved your unconscious and found conscious relief

You’ve healed from abuse, and you’re free

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