Diversity Tokens

Unsplash photo

Why would black and brown people and women support Him?

When Trump, he does nothing, but loathe and and abhor them

They’re used to white men who might lend them some power

The patriarchal system that makes beggars cower

Like Trump they all want to be winners not losers

Diversity Tokens might move up, become choosers

So they joined the Trump Cult and took parts as bad actors

And were grateful for crumbs from the hand of their captor

And were willing to help him stay in his tower

They were glad to pump fists to keep Trump in power

And say ” Hey look at me, this man’s not a racist”

“I’m part of his party and I’m on his A list”

“I’m a good MAGA woman and I treat my man good”

“My man heads our household like a MAGA man should”

And until they wake up from this bad MAGA dream

And do inner healing to get self esteem

They will keep being Tokens and keep being used

To mask their Cult leader who loves to abuse

ALL women and people of color who hurt

When a racist misogynist lies and diverts

To hide true agendas to keep white men supreme

Using Diversity Tokens to hide MAGA schemes

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