Private parts

Parents should teach children about private parts

Teach personal boundaries before puberty starts

But how do we do this and bring to fruition

A child with good boundaries that can hold this position

You have to allow from a very young age

A child to work through and resolve tantrum stage

This is the time when they learn to say NO

And if parents let them but guide them they’ll go

To the next stage of acceptance of rules

Reasonable boundaries and choice give them tools

To build a foundation of conscious decisions

With practice and time they’ll fulfill their ambitions

Not hindered by unconscious anger to thwart them

They won’t create lives when they cannot support them

When learned their whole lives to make their own choices

They’ll know what is right for themselves and have voices

To speak truth to others those even with power

They can say no, self protect, and not cower

When parents help build their boundaries this strong

Because they weren’t hit and can feel right from wrong

When they are ready they’ll first love with their hearts

And can consciously choose when to share private parts

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