Conception Won

Conception is a “planned intent”

Can carry life force through

A conscious choice with planned consent

Makes welcome what is new

But sometimes life is really bad

We’re neither sure or steady

Planned intent cannot be had

There’s no time to get ready

Sometimes conception must be lost

We cannot give consent

No strength is had to pay the cost

Our reservoir is spent

But when it’s time life force will show

That it was never done

Just waiting for it’s time to flow

It’s time! conception won

      Conception Too

At any point intent can form

And choose conception too

Transmuting fear within the storm

Makes ready for the new

Though new life can be daunting too

That first was unexpected

Acceptance brings a wanting too

Of what was once rejected

So let’s support this choice as well

Support this new creation

And we must use our voice as well

Extend an invitation

For all to join and celebrate

These two lives born so brave

One loved the other into fate

By the choice intention gave

     Conception Three

Intent can also bind the three

Hearts willing to conspire

Together to create as we

With unified desire

Drawn through a vessel willing

To brave birth’s storm and bear

A child that is fulfilling

Another mother’s prayer

She’s ready and her heart’s content

In birthing for another

To bring life in they both consent

So both are called a mother

By birth and by the choice they make

A life has now been brought

Into a bond that cannot break

Because by three was wrought

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